Erinnerung: Heute Vortrag von Laurence Marshall Carucci

Heute spricht Professor Laurence Marshall Carucci um 18 Uhr im Hörsaal der Ethnologie zum Thema ‚Local Histories, International Politics, and Environmental Justice: A Marshall Islands Case Study of Global Entanglements and Displacement‘ (Vortragssprache: Englisch,  18-20 Uhr, Hörsaal, Institut für Ethnologie)

Laurence Marshall Carucci forscht seit langer Zeit mit Marshall Islanders von Enewetak/Ujelang, die aufgrund der Atomwaffentests der USA nach dem 2. Weltkrieg displatziert wurden.

Carucci is a social and cultural anthropologist (Ph.D. University of Chicago) who specializes in the study of the Pacific Islands and is a noted authority on cultural concerns and social life of residents of the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Dr. Carucci’s contributions to the discipline have focused on issues of symbolic power in the domains of historical and cultural self-fashioning. Dr. Carucci maintains an ongoing research agenda, having spent over five years in residence in the Marshall Islands since 1976. In addition to his lengthy tenure at MSU, Dr. Carucci has been a professor at the Wesleyan University and the University of South Carolina.